Siva DJ
  • +91- 98408 41522

After his graduation from Loyola college in chennai, He started off his Djing journey as a result of passion for music. From his extensive years as a dj, he holds a mammoth size music database which has multiple music styles to accommodate any event or club gig, although his passion lies in house music.He is a dj who needs to be seen live. He can whip up crowds into a frenzy with his uniquely fresh and technically perfect sets. Siva has developed through the years a peculiar style of mixing where he priors "the music that touches you". Instead of sticking to one style, He is versatile with the languages & genres.

VJing (or live video mixing) is an artistic role that Siva discovered when he entered the electronic music scene. Modern day dance music events around the world are never complete without a visual element, and He found that this is a way to entertain alongside some of the performers and Dj's he most admires and feels connected to. One of the few Vj's in the indian industry, Siva brings a unique creativity to the table when it comes to live performance.

Refusing to hide behind the scenes, he hopes to bring live video mixing into the light, and to show audiences that this is an art that is interesting to watch, and something that can be interactive. Each performance is unique and tailored to the event and venue, and incorporates software-supported mixing of videoloops that range from geometric patterns, video clips, and live feeds. He has a unique and gradual blending process, and finds a way to express what he sees in his mind when listening to music.